Frequently Asked Questions


Is the retreat open to all levels of practice?

Of course!! We encourage both seasoned practitioners as well as beginners to join us.   We practice yoga as a group and welcome all to attend!


What will the weather be like? 

Weather is in the 70-80s during the day but can drop to 60s in the evening due to the altitude, so bring a warm jacket.  It is usually sunny, dry and crisp during the day.  


What clothes should I bring?

In addition to your regular yoga “gear”, you should pack nice dinner clothes as villagers tend to get dressed up in the evening for dinner (nice jeans, shoes, etc.).  While everything is very casual, you may want to look your best in the evening.  The streets are cobblestone so please consider wedges instead of pumps.  Pack lightly because you may want to bring back delicious italian cheese and other delicacies.  


Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

Mats will be provided.  If you use a block or strap, please bring those items.  


What is the Castello?

The Castello is the village meeting place.  A park of sorts.  The remains of an old “castle” (Castello) is surrounded by a stone walk path.  At the Castello, there are 2 restaurants (we will be eating at the Locanda di Pan restaurant daily) and 2 bars.  The pathway around the castle is where people take their daily "walks" (passegiata).   The air is brilliant and crisp.  Locals believe that breathing in the morning/evening air is good for your health.   Residents from surrounding villages come to the Castello to take walks and breathe in the air.  It's famous! 


What type of food will be served?

Mostly organic food from Puglia (the region of Italy in which Panni is located).  It is a mountainous zone, so there will be plenty of fresh vegetables and legumes.  While the focus will be vegan meals, there will be meat/cheese options for those who want to indulge on the local cuisine.  And for the pasta lovers... you are in for a real treat!  

Sparkling and still water is available during every meal.  Unlimited beer and wine will be served at dinner.  Coffee/tea will be offered at the hotel in the morning.  Traditional italian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily.  The pizza is amazing! 

There are several bars/cafes throughout the village, so there is always opportunity for a cocktail, but those will be at your expense.  Cocktails are about $4.00 US dollars (2 euros) so drink up without breaking the bank!

Breakfast will include: Yogurt, Cereals, Soy Milk, toast, honey, nutella, croissant, and fresh fruit.


What should I do about airfare?

First and foremost, please make sure that your passport is valid for more than six months and not expired.  If you are landing in Rome, you must arrive in Rome Fiumicino no later than 8:00 a.m. on August 4th for transportation to Panni or transportation will have to be arranged on your own.  Please book your travel early as this is the most desirable time for travel to Italy.  You will be dropped off at Rome/Naples or the train station on August 11th depending on your departure details.  For those staying in Italy for a few more days, let us know and we can make suggestions on excellent post retreat options.     


Can I bring the kids?

Yes! Panni is the perfect spot for children of all ages....from infants to teenagers.  Babysitting can be arranged during the Yoga hours or whenever desired.  Age appropriate activities can be provided at a small upcharge.  Let your kids run free, learn to play soccer like the italians, swing on the jungle gym at the Castello, or hang out with the teenagers as they walk around the Castello like they own the place.   They will pick up the language immediately and come back with unforgettable memories.  Please send us an email for child pricing inquiries.


How many people live in the village?

About 900 people live in the village all year round but during the month of August the town swells to 3000+ due to festivals and folks looking to escape the city heat.  We invite the locals to attend all the yoga sessions with us as we want to spread the word and expand the yoga community.


What are the rooms like?

You can visit to view the restaurant where we will be having our meals and photos of the guest rooms.  The sheets will be changed on Wednesday of our visit (we want to stay as green as possible) and there will be unlimited water in the mini fridges for all guests.


What about money/currency exchange?  What about the electrical outlets?

All transportation, meals, and hotel is included in the price but you will want to have Euros on hand for out of pocket expenses.  There is an ATM in town but it is not reliable.  No one takes US Dollars in Italy sadly.  I strongly recommend that you visit your local bank who can provide you Euros.  

All of Europe is 220 Volts, so you will have to bring an adapter to charge your phone or computer.  These are available at any chain drug store or at any electronic store in the US.  If you forget, you can always pick one up a the airport.  Converters will not be available in Panni.


Can we plan excursions and leave the group, or other activities?

Absolutely.  We can help arrange trips to Bari, The Almalfi Coast, Gargano, etc.  This will have be arranged prior to departing the US.  We can also arrange for a horseback ride, para gliding, or a day of shopping.  If you want to learn italian, or just brush up, classes can be arranged upon request.  


Is there anywhere to shop in Panni?

There are 2 grocery stores where you can buy anything you forgot to bring.  They are open from 9-1 and 5-8.  Clothes, shoes, and general merchandise can be purchased at the Market on Monday.  There are no traditional shops per se in Panni, but you will get a chance to shop for any italian wares that you would like to purchase when we visit Naples for the day.  In addition, take advantage of the shops when at the Fiumicino Airport upon departure.  You will find every major designer with excellent duty free pricing.  Treat yourself to Valentino or Gucci before you head back :-)!


Is there Wifi?

While we are there to unplug, take walks, or completely get immersed in a good book, there is wifi available at the restaurant, at a bar in piazza, and at the hotel. 


Anything I haven't addressed? 

Email me at and I would be happy to answer!