"I enjoyed many aspects of being able to experience that little village of Panni in the way we did, which was unique to a first time Italy visitor. When traveling, integrating into the personal culture is important to me, as was seeing the peaceful old world charm of the Panni structures themselves.   A highlight was experiencing the soft cool mountain breezes,  after feeling hot afternoon sun radiating from the hilly cobblestone streets; as refreshing as the gracious inhabitants."
—Lorraine A.
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the extras during the retreat to make it special.  I certainly appreciated it.  Thank you for sharing your Panni with me — I found it to be an incredibly special place and u are its perfect ambassador."
—Beth Ann T
"Panni was an incredible experience that I know will remain with me for a long time.......thank you for all your hard work in getting this retreat together."
—Betty C. 
"It sounds cliche, but the retreat changed my life.  I left Panni with a new perspective, well rested, and physically stronger.  I am headed back to Panni this year and I know that Ann will make it even better (if that is possible).  I keep in touch with the villagers that I now call friends.  There is no better place to be during the month of August than on this mountain surrounded by beauty, tranquility, and ultimate peace.  The yoga and food doesn't hurt either :-)! "
—Elizabeth S.
What an amazing experience!  I fell in love with Panni and made wonderful new friends on this trip.  Ann made us feel so welcome and gave us the opportunity to experience Panni in such a personal way.  I can wait to go back.
~Donna O.😊 
Poses in Panni 2018